Local Guests

We welcome guests from all over the map, from near and far, and Maine's Capital Area is full of great, caring people who enjoy the wholesome quality of life for which the Kennebec Valley is known. There are lots of good reasons for local residents to stay in a local hotel, such as while work is being done on the home, or to enjoy a night out while the grandparents look after the kids.

But as is the case all around the country, some local residents look to party at local hotels, which can be both disruptive and disturbing to other hotel guests and also destructive to the hotel. We take the comfort of our clientele and the protection of our reputation and facilities very seriously, and our guests (from both the local area and from farther away) appreciate the peace of mind that this stance ensures.

With the above in mind, this property may not extend accommodations to guests whose primary address is within the local area without their first receiving management approval by email in advance of their day of arrival. A Security Deposit may be required. Please contact our management team at info@AugustaQualityInn.com for more information regarding this policy.